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JNOS FC-Z 220-240V Instant Hot Water System



  • FC35Z  3.3Kw  220-240V

  • FC55Z  5.5Kw  220-240V

  • FC70Z  7Kw     220-240V

  • FC90Z  9Kw    220-240V

JNOD FC-Z 220-240V Instant Hot Water System

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    • ABS front cover, water splashing proof, corrosion resisting, ageing resisting.
    • Adopts patent heating technology- enclosed loop heating system, instant for hot water with less heating loss, noao insulation material which totally separates water from electricity.
    • Multi-layer structure heating chamber form a long circulating water channel, no limescale, long lifespan. 
    • ELCB safety function, touch key for test & reset, leakage indicator light display.
    • Work indicating lamp display working condition.
    • Electricity leakage protection, anti-scalding protection, over- pressure and overheat protection.
    • Water and electricity isolation protection. 
    • Stepless rotary knob to adjust outlet temperature.
    • Automatic thermostat .


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ABOUT JNOD Australia

JNOD Factory

Products supplied by JNOD Electrical Appliance is a professional manufacturer of instant electric water heater, located in China. The company not only manufactures but also conducts research development and marketing integrated company. JNOD has developed advanced production and detection facilities with an annual production capacity of over a million sets making JNOD one of the most professional manufacturers of instant electric water heater in China.  Products are exported to north and south America, Europe, Australia and to the rest of the world. 

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