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JNOD  FXJ-FSB 220-240V Instant Hot Water Heaters

  • FXJ45FXB  4.5Kw 220-240V
  • XJ55FXB     5.5Kw 220-240V
  • XJ65FXB     6.5Kw 220-240V


Each unit provides instant hot water. No pre-heating. No stand-by heating loss. energy saving.


  1. Micro-computer control. Adopting patent heating technology. Water is completely separated from any electric using multi-layers of composite nano insulation material.
  2. Over-heating function. When the outlet water temperature reaches over 60*C, the appliance will enter into a pause mode. The display screen will commence beeping while displaying [E1] automatically to avoid scalded. The unit will recommence working after reaching 55*C.
  3. Creep-age protection. If the unit detects any electrical leakage the electrical supply will be automatically cut off by the creep-age protector while also displaying [E2].
  4. Malfunction sensor. When there is a malfunction with the temperature sensor, the heater will stop working and will display [E3].
  5. Direct temperature setting. The thermostat automatically monitors the temperature settings and turns on and off to maintain the pre-set temperature.
  6. Dry-Heat thermal cut-off. When the heating chamber temperature is over 90*C the electricity will be cut-off.
  7. Micro-computer. Automatic electricity and water consumption calculation function.


  • Activate Water Pressure: 0.06MPa. 
  • Overheat Temp: 60 °C. [E1]
  • Creep-age protection: [E2]
  • Malfunction sensor. [E3]
  • Reset Temperature 55*C
  • Dry-Heat thermal cut-off: 90 °C.

JNOD FXJ-FSB 220-240V Instant Hot Water System

Select Product:
    • High strength ABS splash proof casing.
    • Patent cast aluminium heating technology.
    •  CE(LVD+EMC), CB approved by SGS.
    • ErP ready.
    • Compact appearance and unlimited supply hot water.
    • Easy installation, support plate was equipped with the unit.
    • Easy operation, automatic constant temperature & memory.
    • LED digital display the outlet temperature.
    • Overheat & dry-heating protection.
    • Built-in pressure relief valve to prevent explosion
    • Fault auto-detection technique, trouble code display

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JNOD Factory

Products supplied by JNOD Electrical Appliance is a professional manufacturer of instant electric water heater, located in China. The company not only manufactures but also conducts research development and marketing integrated company. JNOD has developed advanced production and detection facilities with an annual production capacity of over a million sets making JNOD one of the most professional manufacturers of instant electric water heater in China.  Products are exported to north and south America, Europe, Australia and to the rest of the world. 

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