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JNOD XF-JKH (A) Under Sink Hot Water System Give Away Competition

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Every month JNOD Australia will be giving away a FREE JNOD XF-JKH (A) Under Sink Hot Water Heater.

To enter you must subscribe to the JNOB Australia email list and accept product email notifications.

Thanks for entering our draw - good luck!!

To enter you must be located within Australia with an Australian postal address with an Australian Postcode.
  • Every month one subscriber will be selected from the JNOD Australia email Subscribers list. 

  • All subscriber names will be entered into a random name generator which will select one name.

  • To be eligible to win there are no requirements to make a purchase from JNOD Australia

  • Any purchases that an entrant makes does not increase their chances of winning.

  • The first subscription draw will be held on the last day of February 2021 and at the end of each month at the close of normal business hours.

  • The competition will run each month until a notice is issued by JNOD Australia. Notices will be sent to all subscribers listed on the email list.

  • The selected subscriber will be notified by email and advised that they have won.

  • The competition is managed by the CEO of JNOD Australia who will control the selection of the winning name from the random generator.

  • ​The PRIZE each month will be a NEW JNOD ​JNOD XF-JKH (A) Under Sink Hot Water System

The Instant Electric Hot System will be sent to the address listed within our subscription DataBase.